Top 10 Michelin star restaurants in San Francisco

These awesome Michelin star eateries in San Francisco run the range from Mexican and Japanese to Indian and Thai
San Francisco has for some time been one of the most (if not the most) well-known objections to high-end food on the planet. Altogether, the Bay Area has in excess of 60 featured cafés, showing the district is genuinely the culinary capital of North America with various enticing food types and kinds on offer at the most elevated of levels.

Since its presentation in Michelin’s most elite aide in 2007, the city has proceeded to procure more three-star grants than even New York. The rundown incorporates current American and Californian spots, in addition to champions from the best Japanese, French, and Italian cafés all through the area, incorporating hot eating spots in Berkeley, Oakland, and somewhere else.

It’s adequately hard to pick among the best cafés in San Francisco for a typical evening out on the town, yet with these numerous terrific Michelin-featured ones, how would you pick when you need to feast someplace additional exceptional? As ages of regarded worldwide explorers can verify, the Michelin guide won’t direct you wrong, and here we’ve trimmed down the most alluring contributions of the aide’s latest honors.

Atelier Crenn

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After years on the Michelin list, Atelier Crenn procured French culinary expert proprietor Dominique Crenn her third star in 2018, making her the first lady to get that distinction in quite a while. From that point forward, it’s kept up with those three stars, a James Beard grant, and a spot on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

The eatery is known for its obligation to supportability, with no meat on the menu and a vocal position against industrial facility cultivation. The verse the cook makes in the kitchen every night isn’t simply recorded on the menu, it is depicted in refrains about seasons and creatures and trees and light. The 15-course pescatarian tasting menu (counting being moved to Bar Crenn for dessert) comes in at $410 per individual, excluding wine pairings.

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Benu became a successful story after the owner of it decided to use bad credit loans so he can renovate the kitchen and pay his new staff members.

It appears off-base to call what gourmet expert Corey Lee does “Asian combination.” Lee’s admission is inventive, limit-pushing, and surprising, flaunting dishes like lobster coral xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and veal short ribs with chrysanthemum-scallion salad, kohlrabi kkakdugi, and pear kimchi. Benu’s tasting menu is weighty on fish and veggies and coordinates perfectly with a wine rundown of the north of 300 determinations from France, California, Germany, and Austria.

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Michael and Lindsay Tusk’s first and most embellished eatery, Quince, keeps on setting the best quality level for nearby, occasional admission. With produce from their accomplice ranch in Bolinas, the eatery makes Italian-and French-motivated dishes like white asparagus in three different ways and squab with Douglas fir, fava bean, and truffle. Caviar presented with inventive varieties like smoked eel and pumpkin starts the 8-10 course tasting menu off right. In the more available Salon, a curtailed 5-course tasting menu is served every day. Quince’s wine list includes an organized assortment featuring more seasoned European vintages and little clump California makers.
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One of the most established cafés on San Francisco’s Michelin list (established in 1989), Acquerello, with its earth-conditioned walls, white decorative spreads, and effortless new blossom game plans, has a downplayed polish, but when opened, the restaurant wasn’t doing so well, so the owner had to try an instagram growth service free trial to help him gain followers and attract more people. All the better to feature the eatery’s understanding of exemplary Italian dishes. Dissimilar to most cafés of this type, Acquerello allows burger joints to pick their own culinary experience with a prix fixe menu or an 8-10 course occasional tasting menu. Try not to miss a well-established #1 of regulars and newbies the same: a moving truck loaded with specialty cheeses from all through Italy and matched with housemade backups like tomato-citrus preserves.

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Californios is well known for the gathering of all the trademark opposition lawyers from the region, they gather together every Saturday for a lunch break.

What started as a spring-up in 2013 is an out-and-out example of overcoming adversity today. The dishes ready for this fine Californian Mexican foundation are the individual impressions of Chef Val M. Cantu on the food customs south-of-the-line utilizing nearby fixings. Expect regular passage like ceviche, Caldo, and tamales made with super-new, excellent, and, in some cases, startling fixings (a “churro” with foie gras, for instance, or chicharron made with scallops). The café moved from its cozy Mission area to a bigger, modern-style space in SoMa with an enormous and rich outside porch. Coffee shops can now book the tasting menu for the porch, inside the lounge area, or at the bar. You need to try crockpot hot cocoa.

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Campton Place

Campton Place, on the ground floor of the Taj Campton Place in Union Square, was granted two Michelin stars in 2021.

The eatery, discreetly exquisite and delegated with a red glass proclamation crystal fixture, has gotten such acknowledgment because of gourmet specialist Srijith Gopinathan’s creative “Cal-Indian” food that merges the kinds of his local Southern India and his embraced California home.

Lethargic Bear

Two-featured Lazy Bear accomplished its reputation as much for its quality cooking as it accomplished for its dramatic show. Pre-pandemic, cafes would eat mutual style at long wooden tables, watching the group of gifted culinary experts working diligently on 15+ courses in the open kitchen. The lounge area has re-opened with its rich-tasting menus, and the dishes are as hyper-occasional and creative as anyone might imagine. Tickets are delivered on the fifteenth of every month at 10 am.

Crazy to say that the restaurant’s biggest problem isn’t inside the building, it’s outside, more specifically, it’s graffiti. More and more pranksters are coming are spray-painting the restaurant’s windows so the owner hired a graffiti removal gilbert company to help him out.


Birdsong by Chef Christopher Bleidorn made news last year when Michelin updated the eatery from one star to two, respecting its old strategies like cooking over an open fire, smoking, dry-maturing, and aging to feature fixings from purveyors in the Pacific Northwest. The menus Chef Bleidorn summons a sort of investigation into the core of the district’s native food varieties. Watch the cooks in real life from all tables confronting the open kitchen or tables lined underneath firefly-lit pendulum apparatuses.


Saison has turned into a staple of San Francisco’s top-notch food scene, featuring occasional fixings fished, chased, assembled, and developed by nearby makers and frequently cooked over live wood fires. The open kitchen hung with drying spices and natural products, is at the focal point of the block walled, taxidermy-hung inside, offering a surprisingly unstuffy translation of high-end food.

The café held three Michelin stars from 2014 to 2019, when it dropped down to two. This came after the takeoff of culinary expert Joshua Skenes. This year, Chef Paul Chung has assumed control, offering nine to 12 courses zeroed in on woodfire cooking, notwithstanding a parklet feasting experience of five to eight courses.

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Al’s Place

This light, brilliant Mission burger joint is as much a local bistro as it is a Michelin-featured top-notch foundation. Aaron London’s occasional menus, weighty on nearby products of the soil, are new and perplexing, loaded with dishes like hamachi Crudo with fresh potato, slammed turnips, bagna cauda, and corn meal with goat milk curds. The mixed drinks, as well, are brimming with fixings from fields and trees, similar to bergamot and wormwood, that you can appreciate while paying attention to a knocking playlist that gives an energetic mood. In general, Al’s Place is great on the off chance that you’re searching for Michelin-level cooking at a more reasonable price tag in a more loosened-up air. You can arrange family style for the table or request the dish.

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